Model 3853 Bench Top Manual Lab Presses.Model 3853 Bench Top Laboratory Manual Press

(Model M) Twenty-five ton, manual, two-column hydraulic press. Daylight opening is adjustable to 16". Rigid cast iron and steel construction for precision and durability. Easy-to-read dual scale analog gauge, reading in pounds force and metric tons. (picture shown with analog gauge)

Specifications of the Bench Top Manually Unheated Model M 3853 Press:

  • Manually operated
  • Clamping force 25 tons
  • Daylight opening 0.75" – 16" (Factory set at 6-1/2”)
  • Stroke 6-1/2”
  • Two (2) fully threaded columns
  • 9” x 9” work area
  • 0-50,000 lb Analog pressure gauge, reading in 500 lb increments (digital gauge also available)
  • Light gray safety shield
  • Dark gray frame
  • Dimensions: 19”L-R x 24”F-B x 42”H (uncrated)
  • Weight: 350 pounds (uncrated)


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