Laboratory Press Parts & Accessory

Evacuable pellet press dies.

Polished Pressing Plates

Polished stainless steel pressing plates for laminating applications.
(Picture shows all 3 different sizes available)

Test cylinder outfits.

Evacuable Pellet Dies

Used with Pellet Presses to form the pellets for use in IR and x-ray spectroscopy. The stainless steel die includes a fitting for vacuum source connection. (6, 12, 13, 25, 31 and 40mm dies available.)
Not recommended for use in heated presses.


Test cylinder outfits.

Test Cylinder Outfits (TCO's)

No. 2090-0 - 1.125" Unheated Stainless Steel Test Cylinder Outfit (TCO's)

No. 2091-5 - 2.25" Unheated Stainless Steel Test Cylinder Outfit (TCO's)

Consult factory for special test cylinder sizes. For molding, forming bricks, briquettes, pressure forming, crushing, pressing plant and animal tissues, fluid extraction, extrusion and flow tests. Note: For use in Carver standard presses (excluding pellet presses)
Not recommended for use in heated presses.


Plate kits for lab presses.

Test Cylinder Outfits (TCO's)

No. 2090.1 Filter Pads

12 Filter pads for 1.125" sized test cylinders

No. 2091.1 Filter Pads

12 Filter pads for 2.25" sized test cylinders



Vacuum pump kit.

Plate Kit Assemblies

No. 5021 KBr Buffer Plate and 6" x 6" Single Hardened Steel Platen with Centering Grooves

No. 5022 KBr Buffer Plate and 9" x 9"Single Hardened Steel Platen with Centering Grooves

Recommended for use with pellet dies and test cylinder outifts. Picture shows 5021 installed in 3851 press


Proppant crush test cylinder.

No. 3874 Vacuum Pump

Used with pellet presses to evacuate gases from pellet dies. Includes vacuum gauge and connecting tubing. Available in 115V or 230V. (please specify)



Swivet bearing plate.

No. 5456 Proppant Crush Test Cylinder

This die is designed to test proppant used in the hydraulic fracturing process. Based on ISO 13503-2:2006(E) Crush Cell.
Cell: 2" ID x 3.38" tall including removable base, wall thickness is >0.5"
Piston: 3.5" tall
All parts constructed of D2 Tool Steel, hardened to 52-56 Rockwell C



Pharmaceutical punch and die holder.

No. 2092 Swivel Bearing Plate

Carver presses are frequently used for crushing and breaking tests of standard 2" x 2" cubes and 2" x 4" cylinders of concrete samples or similar crushing tests. Swivel Bearing Plates adjust slightly to the sample to assure proper application of pressure. For unheated models only. Requires safety shield



Cage equipment.

No. 818744C Pharmaceutical Punch and Die Holder

This punch and die holder permits testing of pellet and tablet samples. It works with standard BB2 type tooling in most Carver presses, including Auto Series presses. The set includes an anodized aluminum holding fixture, steel shims to adjust for various size samples, and an anodized aluminum ejector. (Does not include dies) Not recommended for use in heated presses



Stainless steel fluid pan.

No. 2094 Cage Equipment

When using Carver presses to press moisture from fibrous materials, extract fats, oils or juices from vegetable or animal tissues, splitting chilled oils or separating crystals from liquors, these accessories are useful. Cage equipment consists of cylinder, plunger, steel discs, felt discs, tray and bulb syringe. Requires a daylight opening of 16 inches. Not recommended for use in heated presses



Heated test cylinder outfits.

No. 237005 Stainless Steel Pan

Fluid pan for use with Test Cylinder Outfits.The stainless steel pan captures the release fluid. Also included with purchase of unheated Test Cylinder Outfits.




Heated Test Cylinder Outfits

No. 2472-1 (115V) & 2472-2 (230V) 1.125" ID

No. 2417-1 (115V) & 2417-2 (230V) 2.25" ID

Complete with band heater, insulation, thermostat, stainless steel housing and handle. Max. force 35,000 lbs for 1.125" and 99,000 lbs for the 2.25" applied load @ 400°F. (Not for use with Model 4350 Series, Mini C, Model C Presses or Heated Presses. This TCO may be used in an unheated Model M with plate kit 5022) Not recommended for use in heated presses.
(Picture shows 2472)

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